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This catapult is handcrafted with recycled hardwood pieces that have never been chemically treated. Solidly made, it has no screws or nails; it is made of only quality wood, dowels and non-toxic wood glue.

This listing is for ONE catapult. An elastic is included. Other accessories shown are not included.


- Develops fine motor skills and coordination in young children;
- Allows children of school age to discover and work on the concepts of forces and movements;
- Helps to understand the concept of simple machine in science;
- Carry out your own experiments by testing different projectiles such as paper or aluminum balls, pompoms, ping-pong balls or other small parts;
- Amuse your cat by throwing her favorite little toys for exercise;
- Have fun with the family by organizing competitions for the object that goes the furthest;
- Play to hit a target (basket, bowl, target painted on a cardboard, etc.).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Injury is possible if a sharp, hard or heavy object is thrown into an eye or other part of the body! Never aim at a person or an animal with the objects launched with the catapult; preferably use soft, round objects or aim for a clear and safe space. The accompaniment of an adult is recommended.

Wooden catapult, toy for children, science experiment, forces and movements,

C$45.00 Regular Price
C$36.00Sale Price
  • MATERIALS: Untreated recycled hardwood, non-toxic wood glue.

    Length: 15 cm - 6 inches
    Height: 13.5 cm - 5 inches
    Width: 9.5 cm - 3 3/4 inches

    CARE AND SAFETY: Keep away from heat and humidity. Do not wet. 3 years and over. Choking hazard (elastic). The accompaniment of an adult is recommended.

    NOTE: This item is handcrafted and may vary slightly from the one shown in the photos. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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