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The Inukshuk is, originally, a pile of stones built by the Inuit people of the Canadian far north, meaning (roughly) ''human being'' (inuk) and ''in place of'' (suk ). The Inukshuks served (among other things) as landmarks. Today, they especially represent Inuit art and culture!

With these 7 large recycled wooden blocks, hand-carved to imitate stones, you and your children can build your own inukshuks! They can also serve as decoration when not in use! An original, ecological gift inspired by the culture of the First Nations of Canada!

ATTENTION: This toy is handmade from recycled parts; each set of Inukshuk blocks is unique! We carefully choose each of the pieces of a set so that the result when assembled is pretty and representative of this traditional type of construction! 

INUKSHUK Stacking Wooden Block Set

C$82.00 Regular Price
C$65.60Sale Price
  • MATERIALS: Recycled maple, protective finish based on linseed oil and vegetable resins and/or finish based on beeswax.  

    DIMENSIONS: Approximately 23 cm high x 19 cm wide when assembled. Piece sizes vary. 

    SAFETY: From 9 months. Parts and finish are suitable for children under three years of age according to Canadian toy safety standards.

  • Ready to ship in 1-5 days. See our TERMS OF SALE & DELIVERY page for more details.


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