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Our toys and utensils all have eco-friendly and child-safe finishes.Our linseed oil-based finish as well as the beeswax-based finish are both food grade and safe for the environment. Our water-based dye is non-toxic to people and the environment.

Although these finishes are safe for children under three years of age,our products can however be recommended for older childrenbecause of the size, small parts or level of development required to handle it; always follow the recommendations indicated in each product sheet.

Wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Never soak in water. Store in a dry place.

Keep away from any heat source.  Check regularly to detect breakage. Do not use cracked or broken toys. Always follow the safety recommendations regarding age and use in the product sheets. If necessary, consult the product sheet on nos online stores or write to us.

Never leave a child under three alone with a toy or utensil. Recycle and/or discard the packaging, label, box and any item that is not part of the toy.


Here issome precautionswhich will allow you to enjoy your wooden utensils for a long time!


  • Wash them in warm soapy waterimmediately after their use; rinse, wipe and let  air dry; 

  • Leave themdry completelybetween each use;

  • Do not let your wooden utensils soak in water and do not put them in the dishwasher;

  • Store in a dry place;

  • NEVER microwave! 


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